Traitors in charge ‘struggling’ to provide services for paper Irish invaders.

Irish Examiner

The Government is experiencing an “inability” to find accommodation to house people caught up in the mass migration crisis and providing them with the necessary services is emerging as a “very significant issue”.

The Department of Justice’s Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP) is also having problems finding further facilities here to accommodate asylum seekers from Greece who are fleeing strife in the Middle East and beyond.

This lot of parasites don’t look too badly off do they.

When we already have a housing crisis for our own how in hell can we take thousands of invaders and house them at our expense? There have been Irish on housing waiting lists for years. Yet these invaders come in and get put to the top of those lists.

Tell the truth on this issue and you’re condemned as a racist or bigot.

Well we here at Beyond The Pale won’t let those anti-white Marxist words stop us from telling it like it is.

  • Wesley Keeley

    this is despicable

  • Stephen McCourt

    If its any comfort, here in Scotland the Scottish Globalist Party is dedicated to our genocide also. I think Ireland and Scotland need to unite. Not to dissolve independent Nations, but a single political party to liberate Northern Ireland from the bankers in Londonistan, operate as a unified block and help each other.

    • Wesley Keeley

      yes i agree