The Devil has come to Greystones

Faux outrage abounds today in the Irish media.

A McDonalds restaurant and drive through has been given the green light for Greystones, Wicklow. What has raised eyebrows is that the fast food outlet will be built within a short walk of Temple Carraig secondary school, who had opposed planning permission, but the permission has been granted regardless.


Now it is justified of course to some degree, that sort of muck should be kept away from children and certainly not be next to a school where they can waste their lunch money on poisonous garbage.

It is also notable that such a thing received planning permission in Wicklow of all places, one of the most notorious counties to get anything through planning without several attempts and plenty of brown envelopes, but these are side issues really.

What stands out here is the sudden interest in children’s well being now that it is mean old junk food in question.

Not a peep was made in opposition to children being exposed to base immorality and hyper-sexual public degeneracy at the recent gay pride march in Dublin.

No calls in the established media (bar a few untouchable asshats like John Waters etc) of opposition to wholesale butchery of unborn children, as the ravenous kike-funded push for mass infanticide by law gathers pace.

No hand ringing as attempted and actual brutalisation of children by incoming migrants and third world invaders increases radically by the day.

No sir, but a junk food outlet near a posh school makes the headlines, firstly because it threatens the moneyed elite’s children and secondly because it’s a ‘safe’ thing to oppose on the grounds of child protection. Our media pick and choose what we can oppose and even when that comes to protecting our own young.

John Waters, the ironic poster child for contraception
Our lying press never deviate into wrong think

Even with unavoidable subjects like the homeless crisis and food poverty among Irish children, which have been at crisis levels thanks to the financial rape and enslavement of our nation by the EU and assorted (((financiers))), the fact that the darling EU along with third world planters are the ones taking food and shelter from our children is never broached.

It simply doesn’t come up that good food, like so much else, is less affordable to our families because the cost of living is sky high, directly as a result of our debt enslavement to private banks and our subsidising of planter’s families, invading our soil on our dime.

The next time you sit for a day in Crumlin children’s hospital waiting for your child to be seen and you have a hard time picking out other Irish people in the throng, remember it is your hospital that your taxes pay for but it is utterly over stretched, trying to keep up with disease riddled third world scavengers and their pestilent offspring.

cartoon credit; Ramirez
Our children are not only under threat, but under constant attack.

In our schools they are taught Marxian mental illness surrounded by invader’s children who are dispossessing them of their own heritage and they are being told it is morally correct! While the schools themselves push perversion and sexual degeneracy as trendy and healthy lifestyles and identities.

They are saddled with debt beyond their generation and they will be expected to pay the way of said invaders and their coming generation, as they see themselves become a minority in their own homeland.

They are being taught to hate their own heritage and identity and to venerate those of foreign low bred wasters.

But yeah, sure, McDonalds is the big problem.

Sure he’ll be grand once nobody gives him a Big Mac