Rise of the brown one continues

The brown one has yet again been getting the luvvy treatment from foreign media
Insidious bumder

This time the cock gobbling curry nigger was plastered all over the cover of Time magazine, accompanied by the caption “’An island at the centre of the world”. The only good thing about this is how the left in Ireland are cringy and confused about the whole thing, wanting to cheer on the faggot but thinking he’s the Darth Vader of street shitting.

What an absolute vomit inducing debacle this man’s first month as Taoiseach has been. The world (((media))) twitching violently at the crotch now that Europe has it’s first planter in chief. A fucking invader holding the top job in a white home nation, the absolute disgrace of it.

So the gloating continues with abandon, the smug self massaging twats, so uber delighted we have a childless punjabi knob jockey as Prime Sinister.

If ‘cold, uninvited finger in the bum’ had a face
It is not hyperbolic to call this our nation’s lowest point.

As he feeds votes to the left, ironically, the prospect of a general election soon is ever more realistic. It would be hard to think what could be worse in charge, bum fingers or the left.

We have long passed the point of parody now, the societal pendulum swing must be about to go the other direction soon, I can only hope this uber-weimar pipe nightmare is about to collapse.

As an aside there was much whinging from another mystery meat invader.

Dean Van Nguyen, the pestilent proceed of a gook and Dutch bestiality flick, has been lamenting the image of Ireland that ‘ebil racist’ Conor McGregor puts forth. This is the same little prick who wrote of how Irish people have white privilege and somehow believes he can claim to be one of us for no other reason than the usual magic soil fallacy.

How Irish people have allowed these genetic dead ends not only onto our land but into the public sphere of (in the gook’s case minimal) influence is astounding.

The disgenic visage of one who’s butt-plug collection is made up exclusively of hand-me-downs

It’s all about to change Ted.