Smelly bummed Roma dodge justice yet again

A Roma woman has walked free while her pimp/husband got 6 months over the multiple thefts of guitars in Dublin.

Madelina Iancu, a 19 year old Roma gypsie used her skirts to conceal guitars that her husband picked out in both X Music on Exchequer St. And Some Neck Guitars on Aungier St.

The thieves were of course easily identified easily by CCTV and detained, although they both ‘violently resisted’ arrest. This attack upon Gardai coupled with the theft of €6,000 has only garnered minimal sentencing.

These dirty smelly untermensch seem immune to justice, stealing and soiling two expensive guitars and assaulting police during their arrest and all that is handed down is 6 months for the puke and a suspended non-sentence for his hairy legged harridan.

She’s not preggo, just storing up her shite for the winter
Every roma gypsie should be taken in hand, beaten soundly and deported post haste.

The animals deserve no part in our society.