Kids in Direct Plantation don’t like the food

Another sob story came out of the direct provision invasion centres today, this time about the difficulties children face in the system.
Bless their cotton socks
Of course the stand out issue is not mentioned as usual

The fact these kids are spending years in the DP system because their parents, aided by our treacherous judiciary, are gaming the system by lodging endless appeals against deportation. You all know the craic at this point.

Again we get the complaints about the food not being tasty enough, the evil Irish kids in the schools being racist toward them and the men in the centres being fairly rapey as third worlders tend to be.

Well kids, cry me a river.

We spend millions funding your appeals, your endless legal actions.

We feed you, we clothe you, we educate you, we house you and all at massive expense.

If you don’t like the local cuisine, by all means just fuck off back to Bumfuckistan where your parent’s slithered out of. If you don’t like the fact Irish children aren’t keen on your nappy headed untermensch carry on, it’s not their fault it’s yours!

Their parents are funding your entire life and you owe them!

Yes, you are different simba, you don’t belong here.
If we do not end these open ended appeals soon there is going to be a big problem to deal with, even bigger than it already is.

Most tellingly though is the fear these children feel around men in the centres, this is the part the media probably wish wasn’t in the report. It adds to the valid suspicion that these invaders are as savage as their brethren have been across Europe. It is straight from the horses mouth that these men are not only a danger to women, but to children as well.

In fairness, imagine this thing gawping at you.

The parents of Ireland should be very concerned about the kind of porch monkeys we’re letting into this country, the DP centres need to be emptied post haste, on to the next outgoing ferry.

Just dropping this in because I think it’s hilarious lol