Eugenic car crashes and Nigerian gold dashes

A Jordanian teenager has died in Jordan this Thursday past, yet the Irish lugenpresse have reported him as an Irishman.
Mo at an earlier date gleefully making off with somebody’s trophy, a reward has been issued

Mohammed Alrawehneh was ‘on holiday’ to his native country after finishing his state funded education here in Dublin where his family have been planting for an undisclosed amount of time.

He was even intent on a free jaunt through Trinity college Dublin before no doubt taking up the family business of making explodeable shoes and wiping his arse with his bare hand.

To read the article in the Irish Times you would think this was a bad thing, but really the instance of one less street shitter on our shores will no doubt save some Irish woman or more likely child from violent rapine and torture somewhere down the line.

Of course the normies are pissing and whinging because he could kick a ball and as we all know, importing invaders is most beneficial to sports and ethnic food, whatever shall Ireland do without his ability to kick about with niggers and sling bum curry.

Leaked footage of Gina training as a young niglet sprinter in Limerick

As with the Nigerian who won gold in the Euro u20 100m sprint on Friday, Irish sport is become a club game where we will allow any kind of ethnic pollution just so we can have a few trophies in the cabinet and get pissed up at tournaments more often.

How these spastics keep a straight face while trying to paint this chicken chaser as an Irish woman is beyond me.


Anyway to sum up, one less baby rapist returning to our shores, although they’ll probably poison our soil with his corpse.