Myers gets shut down

There has been much delicious kvetching over the past day or so in the wake of another deliberately controversial Kevin Myers article.

The man who eight years ago denied the holocaust (an Irish Independent article only taken down yesterday) found that his luck couldn’t hold out in today’s modern, uber sensitive landscape. Myers is a prolific asshat, a prize prick of the highest order who hates Ireland and the Irish utterly, never afraid to attack our identity or history, to deny our people’s suffering or make little of our achievements.

There is a fantastic irony in the slithering zionist falling under the sword of the ‘anti-semite’ label, simply for mentioning to highly-paid and under talented she-kikes in the BBC were just that. In what was nowhere near his most controversial article, or even statement, he has been shoah’d from his column and thrown into media exile, a leper not even welcome in the colony.

The two egg-laying mutts Myers had the temerity to rightly name as Jews
It is hopeful not lost on many the average Joe Soap

Having had to contend with Myer’s scripto-sodomy all these years, his outright hatred of this group and that, to find that now he has made a sideways remark about the tribe, all of a sudden he is out with the trash.

Even a loyal shabbos goyim like himself cannot name the Jew, even in a non-aggressive, non-accusatory way, without being consumed by the baying masses.


With any luck now the pig-faced toilet licker will drift into obscurity, eventually expiring from some venereal disease or other.

Imagine looking at that in the mirror, no wonder he’s a twat
  • margolis marmite

    odd article this..