Moslem Passenger allowed on Ryanair flight after staff discovered pipe bomb in his luggage

It’s ok because none of the Airport security staff realised that the pen with two wires coming out of it was a potential IED.

Europe has officially become a joke!



Nadeem Muhammad was still allowed to catch a flight despite carrying a viable pipe bomb hidden inside a pen, Manchester Crown Court heard. 

Well we can’t be expected to stop Moslems with bombs from boarding airplanes. That would be discrimination!

The prosecution alleges the device was brought on board with the intention of detonating it “within the confines of the Boeing 737 aircraft”.
The 43-year-old was stopped at Manchester airport en route to Milan in January while allegedly carrying the bomb, after airport scanners picked up the unusual device, the court was told. 
Despite airport security reportedly finding a suspicious device, Mr Muhammad was released and allowed to catch a later flight on February 5. 
Jonathan Sandiford, prosecuting, said further analysis of the device found wires, batteries, tape, pins and a double base smokeless propellant normally found in firearms ammunition attached to a marker pen. 


Mr Sandiford said: “At that stage nobody had realised this was a real device and the defendant was allowed to go on his way.”

He added the defence was expected to argue he had no knowledge of the device.


Expect aircraft to start falling from the sky any day now if this is what passes for security.

It was later examined by a forensic expert Lorna Philp
She came to the conclusion that pens don’t normally have electrical wires coming out of them and smell like cordite.
The bomb squad was called in and a lab in Kent ran specialist tests that concluded it was a “unreliable, unpredictable but viable device”.
Five days after he was initially stopped, Mr Muhammad boarded another flight to Italy and was arrested on his return to the UK 11 days later. 
Mr Sandiford told the court: “It is a matter of common sense that the only reason he would have tried to get that device onto the aeroplane was that he intended to detonate it in the confines of the Boeing 737, endangering the lives of the passengers on board and causing damage to the aircraft itself.
“The fact that it was badly designed or constructed and was unreliable does not change the central fact that it was intended to be used as an improvised explosive device.
“The only reason anyone would try to smuggle that device through stringent security checks was because he had the desire and intention to cause injury and possible death.”

Yeah, no shit!

Mr Muhammad was released and allowed to catch a later flight on February 5

Mr Sandiford said the prosecution could not be sure if terrorism was the motive.

He said: “That may be the most likely motive but equally it could be a desire to commit suicide or another purpose altogether.”

Indeed, most people these days commit suicide by blowing up aircraft with IEDs.

In fact it is the second more common method of suicide, the first being strapping on a bomb vest and shouting Allah Akbar in a packed shopping mall.

This is a mental health crisis people!

Mr Muhammad, who is from Pakistan but holds an Italian passport, denies possession of the bomb with intent to endanger life and a lesser alternative charge of possession of the bomb in suspicious circumstances.The case continues. 

Another one for the memory hole.

Oh look “The Muumy” is on in-flight entertainment, forget about the Moslems trying to decompress the cabin.