Why are they here?

Let’s look at the story of this African woman who is upset with direct provision, is persecuted, is just as Irish as you or I, etc, etc, etc ZZZZzzz…

Irish Times:

New to the Parish: A Cameroonian refugee loved Sligo town immediately
Mabel Chah: “80-90 per cent of the time I don’t hear back from employers.” Photograph: James Connolly
You ♩♬ are sooooo ♪ ♫ beautiful to me ♩ ♬

Mabel Chah vividly remembers the voice from the advert that played over the loud speaker in Dublin Airport the day she arrived in Ireland. She stopped dead in her tracks when she realised it was not speaking English but a foreign language she had never heard before.

So Imagine how our children feel being confronted by multiple foreign languages everyday in our own schools.

“I’ll never forget the way I felt in that moment. I panicked. Where was I and what language did they speak here? I thought I was going to the UK, where they spoke English. The Irish language hit me in the face.”

No sadly the English wiped our Irish language but who knows perhaps if your people keep coming at the rate you are we will all be speaking some form of African Bantu in no time at all.

Chah, a native of the English-speaking region of Cameroon, was told by the people who organised her passage abroad that she was going to the UK and had presumed Ireland was a region of Britain. She arrived in Dublin in August 2013 after making the difficult decision to leave her loved ones behind in Cameroon to seek safety abroad. At the time she was working part time with a communications agency.

When you become too opinionated or vocal in Cameroon, it makes people uncomfortable

Sort of like when you express dissatisfaction with the liberal consensus here your life gets destroyed and they try to have you fired while antifa try to figure out where you live in order to put a brick through your window or worse. So can I apply for refugee status too?

She was too outspoken to stay at home. “I’m a woman from the minority English-speaking part of Cameroon. No matter how much people say there is gender equality in Africa, a woman cannot earn the same as a man. Priorities are given to men. When you become too opinionated or vocal, it makes people uncomfortable.

Ahhh now we get to the meat of it. A woman cannot earn as much as a man. This is what passes for refugee requirements these days, people feeling uncomfortable with you because you can’t shut your fat mouth and you wanting a bigger paycheck because of muh vagina.

Fuck off. Get the fuck out of my country!

“You don’t want to get to the stage when you and your family feel threatened. I needed a place where I could be safe and if I had something to say I would get help as opposed to being shut down.”

So in other words you have become a burden on the Irish tax payer because you are an opinionated, empowered, negro feminist who whines incessantly and can’t shut up.

You’ll fit right in in the “New Europe”.