Migrant infected two Icelandic women with AIDS and maybe 20 more

Iceland Monitor

HIV positive

“The man arrested yesterday on the suspicion of having infected numerous young women with the HIV virus claims that he did not know that he was HIV positive. The man is an asylum seeker in Iceland. 

This has been confirmed by his lawyer Guðmundína Ragnarsdóttir who is appealing a verdict of a four-week long custody.

Ragnarsdóttir cannot confirm at this time whether or not the man underwent the neccessary medical examinations required by asylum seekers. Another lawyer is processing his asylum application. 

Two women have been confirmed to have been infected with the virus and nearly twenty more are awaiting test results. 

According to Kristín Völundardóttir at the Directorate of Immigration, an asylum seeker has between 1 to 5 days after he has sought asylum in Iceland until he is summoned for a medical examination.”

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened and it sure won’t be the last.

This is just the most recent case.

I also seem to remember a few years back in Poland something similar happened with a nig called Simon Mol.

That said these are just a high profile media grabbing cases. How many casual one night stands happen in nightclubs all around Europe where our liberated women just can’t help themselves.

Well maybe this will give society something to think about and by society I mean raging sluts.

Well that’s diversity for you I guess.
A telling point (or two) is made here on this website:

HIV in Ireland

Probable Route of Transmission:

Information on the probable route of transmission was available for 89% of diagnoses in 2015.

  • Sex between men was the predominant route of HIV transmission in Ireland in 2015 and accounted for just over half of diagnoses (51%).
  • There was a large increase in diagnoses among MSM from Latin America between 2014 and 2015 (from 38 to 84 diagnoses).
  • Heterosexual contact was the second most commonly reported mode of transmission in 2015 (130; 27%).
  • The majority of heterosexual cases (58%) were born in countries with generalised HIV epidemics.

So the majority of heterosexual cases of HIV diagnosed in Ireland in 2015 were from people born in countries with generalised HIV epidemics. In other words the majority of new HIV cases arrived here from places like Africa and brought their AIDS with them.

How does this affect us and by us I mean the average person and not a junkie or a queer?

Well from my own observations it seems a lot more common that women are willing to sleep with monkeys then men. You’re much more likely to see a black man with a white woman in Europe than the other way around.

Okay, I know a lot of people will say “no Irish girl would ever touch some dirty African”, muh Aryan Princess et cetera.

Well to this I have just one thing to say…

So if your the type of person who believes in “muh equality” and something brown catches your fancy next time you’re out for all our sakes consider that you’re rolling the dice. Thanks!