Acid Attack – Ex-boyfriend admits: “I wanted to make her ugly forever”

Girls, the ones with the refugees welcome signs that is,

I know that you think that these brown men will be good little pets which you can control.

And then there are some of you that hope that they won’t be and that they will enact a brutal ISIS style patriarchy with you because on some subconscious level you are sick of European feminism and all the extra responsibility that it puts on you.

Well I’m here to tell you that you are going to get the latter style brutal patriarchy from these people but not in the way that you think.

You see Abdullah is not some shining knight who braved a long trek across a continent just so he can meet you.

Abdullah is a parasite and a violent one but no matter how many times you are told this it is not going to make a blind bit of difference until one day it does… (AUTO-TRANSLATED BY GOOGLE)

Hanover –

A 27-year-old at the Landgericht in Hannover appears distorted for her life. Anklagebank is her ex-boyfriend (32), who has poured acid into the face of the young woman after her own confession. He wanted to make her “ugly”. 

Before “diversity”

After the separation, he had humbled himself from his ex-girlfriend and felt threatened by a criminal complaint, said the fitness trainer on Friday in court. 

With the attack, he had wanted to transfer her bad character to her appearance. “I thought I had to make her ugly.” According to the accusation, the man took the death of the woman in the attack. 

After “Diversity”

He is accused of attempted murder. 

At the beginning of the process, the woman, who was heavily drawn by the consequences of the attack, appeared before the court. She was almost blind in one eye, an ear was so corroded by the industrial tubing liner that it had to be reconstructed by surgeons.

What a handsome buck, totally worth going blind in one eye and being scarred for life.
  • Sue X

    Just a quick suggestion, sodium bicarbonate would actually be the last resort for an acid attack. That’s because it produces a thermic reaction when it hits the acid, which will result in even greater burns. The best course of action is to dilute the acid as much as possible, water on it’s own is the best thing you can do for an acid attack. But you do need to use liters of it. You can use the bicarb after you have thoroughly washed the area, to neutralize any left over acid, but you’re really better off leaving that to the paramedics. Carry a 2 liter bottle of water with you, and keep pouring water over the are until medical assistance arrives.

  • kenpachi

    who cares. hopefully she isnt diseased and her uterus still works