How to deal with Diversity

We are facing an existential crisis in the West. White countries and only White countries are being flooded with foreign invaders. These invaders normally take the form of violent, moronic and parasitic Third World “people”.

We have seen the results of diversity, the mass rapes in Cologne and Muslim terrorist attack after Muslim terrorist attack.

We know what the big problems are. We see them on the news when people like Kay Burley tell us that they are due to things like mental health issues and racism but certainly not because of Islam.

We are told by Pakistani infiltrators into our political ranks that this is just part and parcel of living in a modern city.

Bad and all as this is it’s not where it starts. The killings, the attacks, the bombings, the industrial scale rape of little girls, all start when these people somehow manage to get a foothold in your country.

So what does that foothold look like? It looks pretty much like this.

A safe place for teenage girls to hangout

The only way to deal with diversity is to deliberately create ghettos. I know that’s a bit counter-intuitive but bear with me.

Ideally we don’t want these people in our country at all but if we must have them, and it would appear that they’re going to be forced on us one way or another, then we want ghettos to form.

We want these people to be relegated to ghettos and in time to a lower strata of society.

The last thing we want is for these people to integrate on an equal footing or at the very least supposed equal footing.

If they can integrate on an equal socio-economic footing then they can access the levers of control within society.

This has already happened in Britain. There foreigners are plugged into every strata of their society and as such they can dictate policy from the top down.

Here in Ireland we are slightly more fortunate insofar as diversity is relatively new.

We have an opportunity to kick these people down and keep them down before they get to a place where they can not only start telling us to accept more of them but start writing policy to that effect.

This is what we want
This is definitely not what we want

If we can create a situation where these people exist in a parallel society then we can create a semi-stable apartheid like arrangement.

This will become self reinforcing overtime.

Yes it will create an underclass but one that is easily avoidable and confined to clearly defined areas.

Yes it will create an impoverished criminal element but one that our young girls be desperate to stay away from.

Yes it will create a burden on the welfare state but at least you won’t have to worry about this kind of shit.

How do we go about this? The most important thing is not to frequent any businesses owned or run by any diversity invader.

That goes right across the board.

Don’t get into a taxi if it’s an African driving, don’t go to a bar if there is a Nigerian on the door, don’t buy anything from a shop owned by a Muslim or Hindu, if the local school is full of diversity and you have another option then use it. Avoid any situation where your child will encounter Africans (getting harder I know). DON’T GO TO F**KING ISLAMIC FAST FOOD OUTLETS!

These people unless they’re very wealthy don’t have access to a lot of funds and they rely on their dodgy businesses which normally are in receipt of government funding, courtesy of the Jewish Minister Alan Shatter, but without patronage from the natives these people’s disposable income will run short.


Yes they’ll still have their welfare payments but that’s what we want, remember we want them as a dependent underclass and not a financially self-sufficient middle-class.

Without native patronage their businesses will quickly fold and the government will run out of other people’s money with which to finance these initiatives.

And in the long run we will have less Diane Abbotts and Sadiq Khans to deal with, trust me the ghettos are preferable.