Tyrrelstown residents afraid of “teens”

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I know a few people in Tyrrelstown. Just so there is no confusion they have confirmed that they are overrun with blacks and they all behave like they are living in a jungle.

“Lawless savages” was the term one person used.

The Dublin Gazette:

Teen thugs leave residents afraid to go out at night

The anti-social behaviour of a gang of youths has left some Tyrrelstown residents afraid to go out in the evening.
Gardai in Blanchardstown confirmed in a letter to residents that they are taking steps to combat the problem.

Reports emerged recently on social media that an elderly man had been attacked by the gang outside the Parkview Apartments.
The reports sparked a huge reaction, with many residents calling for action against the gang.
One resident wrote: “They litter, destroy property, break into people’s houses and attack innocent passers-by.”

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Another resident said that she could no longer take her dog out for a walk in the evening, commenting: “I don’t take the dog out in the evening, garden only.
“I also don’t walk on the streets, just in the park.
“It’s terrible that we can’t feel safe taking the dog out for an evening stroll.”

Diversity in action. Aren’t you glad that Ireland now has “a welcome diversity”. These “people” will be paying your pensions in no time provided they don’t kill you first.

Gardai confirmed to the Gazette that the assault was not reported to them but in a letter recently sent to residents, they confirmed that there is an issue with anti-social behaviour in the area.

The letter, signed by Inspector Tony Twomey, said: “An Garda Siochana Blanchardstown are aware of the concern amongst the Tyrrelstown Community of the negative impact the activities of a minority of youths are having on Public Safety in the area.

“Reaction on social media to recent incidents portrays a sense of growing frustration and anger which is understandable from a personal and community perspective.”
The letter said that gardai would be working closely with Tyrrelstown Residents Association and Tyrrelstown Neighbourhood Watch.

It also outlined a number of ways in which local gardai intend to rebuild public confidence.

These include; the recently established Business Watch aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour around the Plaza, a project to engage with young offenders and additional high visibility patrols of the area, with a focus on community engagement and combating anti-social behaviour.
The letter also encourages residents to report any incident to the gardai but also appealed to social media users to highlight what is good about the area.

Absolutely, bury your head in the sand and remove wrongthink from your life with double-plus good thoughts about how wonderful it is to get your head kicked in by niggers when you are going to the shops for a pint of milk.

It read: “We need the help of each member of the community to achieve this objective.
“We recognise the power of social media in influencing community perception and ask that you take time to highlight positive community spirited actions to assist in restoring public safety and confidence.

Yeah so do we.

“We also ask that you take the time to report all activity which you believe impacts negatively on public safety.”

You can also report incidents of diversity to us here.

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New Tyrrelstown arrivals pictured in the Rotunda maternity hospital. Photo Credit: Connor Byrne Irish Times