Virtue Signaling and the Irish Media Mentality

Recently the Daily Stormer was shut down by a string of domain internet registrars and I had the misfortune of listening to an Irish radio news broadcaster speak on the subject.

She referred to the rising right including organisations like the Daily Stormer and Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right as “White Supremacy”.

Another example of this insipid and facile labeling can be seen here

No attempt was made to understand the nuance of these movements, no attempt was made to qualify or even define the label “White Supremacist”.

It was just taken that this was a given and a fact.

Whenever White people organise and claim that they have group interests the knee-jerk, programmed, Pavlovian response from these so-called liberal journalists is to scream “White Supremacism”.

If not wanting your country overrun with Africans, if not wanting to become a minority in your own home, if not wanting to be diversified out of existence is “White Supremacy” well then stop the world because this “White Supremacist” wants to get off.

It is truly terrifying that the Irish media institutions are so heavily indoctrinated in favour of our cultural suicide.

These people can’t think for themselves but worst of all they are making it so that we can’t think for ourselves either…

  • Wesley Keeley

    they’ll do anything to stop free speech we just need to keep educating the masses America is Fucked Only hope Ireland wakes up soon