Nazi Fine Gael councillor wants to turn all foreigners into soap & lampshades

Fine Gael have slammed recent comments by a party councillor on social media as “unacceptable”.

Dublin councillor Brian Murphy has posted a number of comments on Twitter in the last week that have come under scrutiny.

There have been rumours he wants to put them all in camps & use something called Zyklon B, whatever that is?

“The Irish military should not be being forced to act as a ferry service for smugglers and illegal economic migrants in the Mediterranean,” he wrote on September 1.

Another post as part of a series of tweets on September 5 read: “Sharia Law is operating in Ireland and most of the political class either do not know or do not care. It is a subversion of our legal system”.

Mr Murphy came under fire from a number of Twitter users, including one who said the councillor’s timeline “is something that I hoped I would never see from an Irish representative”.

Lampshades shouldn’t prove too difficult!