The Witch Trial of George Hook

Have you seen all the sensationalism over poor old George’s comments?

George Hook is a total Bro

Veteran Newstalk broadcaster George Hook faces a dressing-down by management today over offensive comments he made on his ‘High Noon’ show that has cost it its sponsorship.

But a source close to the station said it was “way too soon to tell” if he would face a formal internal investigation or disciplinary action after station’s managing editor Patricia Monahan said the comments were “totally wrong and inappropriate and should never have been made”.

“He said something he shouldn’t have said and there will always be a review,” the source told the Irish Independent last night.

Dalata Hotel Group, which owns Clayton Hotels, issued a tweet last night in which it said the company would “terminate our commercial relationship” with the station, tweeting earlier “@Dalatahotels cannot support any radio station that allows inappropriate & hurtful comments to be made”.

Officials from the company could not be reached for comment last night.

But CEO Pat McCann had told ‘The Sunday Business Post’ that Mr Hook’s remarks on Friday could lead it to reconsider its sponsorship its contract comes up for renewal next month.

Mr Hook’s comments arose from an on-going rape trial in the UK. It is alleged that a young woman, who had sex with one member of the UK swim team after meeting him in a bar, was later raped by another man in the same hotel room.

“But when you then look deeper into the story you have to ask certain questions. Why does a girl who just meets a fella in a bar go back to a hotel room? She’s only just barely met him. She has no idea of his health conditions, she has no idea who he is, no idea what dangers he might pose,” said Mr Hook. (You can never ask sluts to stop being sluts, they view it as abuse – BtP Ed)


And the fellow at the centre of the rape allegations was found not guilty anyhow, but they’re trying to figure out a way to re-try him now.

In yesterday’s Sunday Times some women’s group (ooh muh vagina, muh feelings) said that people would have been ‘damaged’ by what they heard Hook say on the radio.

Damaged? For goodness sake. I may have to start writing a column each week with the title ‘What’s Wrong With The Sunday Times This Week.’

Last week Sarah Carey I think it was opined that people from the over-privileged west shouldn’t complain about the ordeal at airports, as migrants trying to get in to Europe have much worse travel conditions.

How do you make those two scenarios analogous?

Ergo no one should complain about hospital waiting lists or botched surgeries as people in Sierra Leone have it much worse.

Vagina logic.


The Witch Hunt Culture is always and only directed towards Straight White Males

Anyway returning to the issue of the the athlete at the centre of the rape allegations alluded to by George Hook, whose name is Otto Putland, a Commonwealth swimmer.

The jury failed to reach a verdict in this case largely because evidence supplied by the accuser, namely that she had sent texts asking for help to her friend, could not be found, and therefore it must be assumed had never been sent.

If this is the case it obviously casts doubt on the reliability of any other evidence provided by the accuser, which therefore begs the question as to why the Crown Prosecution Service is seeking grounds for a re-trial.

This raises a larger issue of why it is that accusers in scenarios such as these, and in historic abuse cases, enjoy immunity from prosecution themselves and/or a facility of lifetime anonymity.

Sluts never lie
This is exactly the type of woman who holds “refugee welcome” signs too.

For example several accusers of the actor Bill Roache (again a straight White male – BtP Ed) face no repercussions following their false accusations, incidentally made after a period of some 45 years had elapsed.

Other than a sustained affront to good taste the proclivities of Bill Roache are beyond reproach in the eves of the law and one wonders about the mentality and objectivity of the Crown Prosecution Service in pursuing this septuagenarian gentlemen.

It is of course hysteria especially in the wake of the Jimmy Saville revelations and an attempt at bolting the stable door on the wrong animals when the horse if long over the horizon – and Saville is an individual who should have been pursued earlier and rigorously.

They waited for this pervert to die before revealing the extent of his crimes. Did he know something? Maybe his “friends” in the establishment didn’t want him talking.
The BBC was/is a hot bed of paedophilia but Western society would rather punish young White male university students and the like for drunk sex with lying sluts instead.

We are living in an era of hysteria and double standards that actively seeks to punish White men for being White men.

  • George Hook only gave sensible advice to any young woman going out on the town. Any sane parent says this to their daughters so why the hysteria? Oh yeah it’s the fucking insane femicommies & libtards again. Common sense & Logic are kryptonite to these clowns.