Irish town refuses to remove Confederate plaque


The only town in Ireland to have a plaque commemorating a Confederate Army war hero on a public building is set to keep the memorial in place despite intensive lobbying from the United States.

The matter was raised at a meeting of the Municipal District Council on Monday afternoon, but never went to a vote following objections to its removal.

“The mood in the town is that people don’t give a damn about it,” Cllr Donagh Killilea (Fianna Fail) told IrishCentral on Tuesday evening. “When this plaque was erected the people of the town only wanted to commemorate a man who made a success of himself in America.

Good to see common sense still means something on parts of this island. We here at Beyond The Pale applaud this decision. We’re pretty sure if this plaque had been in the liberal cesspool that Dublin has become it would have been removed with glee by the same fuckwits who want your children on hormone blockers and genitals removed.

  • ForlornHope

    This is a pleasant contrast to the despicable brainwashed cowards in America who are capitulating to intimidation and allowing our monuments to be destroyed and displaced.

    • It’s time you guys started destroying leftist monuments & art. Lenin has statues throughout the states, destroy them. Destroy all those MLK abominations. This is war but only one side is fighting.