UCDSU president shuts down murderous liberals

Katie Ascough has had enough of evil “people” pushing for baby murder.

The Journal:

THE PRESIDENT OF UCD Student’s Union has defended her decision to move a page about access to abortion from a magazine handed out to new students.

Katie Ascough, president of UCDSU, said she took the decision to retract the information after seeking legal advice from the union’s lawyer.

According to the University Observer, the information on page 59 of the Winging It magazine provided information about obtaining an abortion safely, a price list for different clinics outside Ireland, and information about purchasing abortion pills online.

The lawyer came to the conclusion that one piece of the two-page feature on crisis pregnancies was in breach of the Abortion Information Act of 1995, which can result in fines of up to €1,900.

Ascough is an active pro-life campaigner. She is the daughter of Tom Ascough, a board member of the Iona Institute.

Despite objections from her co-workers, Ascough said: “I stand firm that this issue was not in the realms of my delegating an abortion issue but was my stepping up and leading as the president to ensure we are not putting ourselves or students at risk.”

In November 2016, 64% of the UCD student body voted to retain the union’s pro-choice stance.

64% of the UCD student body voted in favour of murder, smdh.


Ouch this one must sting for the liberal contingent.

I mean the destruction of all things natural and beautiful is priority number one for them.

I can understand their motivation.

I mean if you looked like this you would probably hate everything too.

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So to all the “pro-choicers” out there I guess you will just have to keep getting that boat now won’t you and don’t let the door hit your fat assess on the way out.


NB: Above rhetorical device notwithstanding I realise that nearly 100% of liberals are fat ugly bitches and therefore won’t ever need the services of an abortion clinic in the U.K. This is also precisely the reason that they target young normal girls with their propaganda.

They want to destroy beauty vicariously through them.

Well no deal!

Champion of the unborn Katie Ascough has shut your fat assess down…