Anti-White Media: Pennys’ Edition

Here are some of the advertisements that have been adorning the walls of Pennys lately.


I don’t think this is what people mean by red-headed Irish girl. Maybe it’s what Alan Shatter means though.

This is how it starts. The slow normalisation of “diversity” in your country.

It happened in the U.K. At first it was probably just a few advertisements in order to be “inclusive” in the 1960’s but this agenda is progressive.

Eventually it leads to the implication that your country was always full of blacks, that you are an evil racist for questioning it and from there you end up as a despised minority and ethnically cleansed in your own lands just like the Cockney’s of East London.

Isn’t diversity great!

Don’t worry your University place won’t be given to her through some affirmative action programme that your parent’s taxes will be used to pay for.