‘I’m not leaving unless they physically remove me’ – Mum-of-three fights move to direct provision centre in Galway


A South African mother who has a child currently attending a special needs school in Dublin fears she and her three children are to be moved to a direct provision centre in Galway.

“The school is special needs and you need to be on a waiting list to get into that type of school,” Ms Baliso said.

“It’s very difficult and painful. We have been trying to get a home on HAP, but landlords won’t accept it.”

The direct provision accommodation on offer to the family in Galway differs significantly to the current self-catering apartment where Ms Baliso receives an almost full supplementary welfare allowance.

These parasites are never happy. We give them everything and they want more. As for physically removing her, if only we got that chance. She’d wish she never left Sth Africa.