So who in our government wants to murder the unborn?

Out of the 22 TDs and senators who are  on the Joint Committee on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution which will be deliberating the Citizens’ Assembly’s recommendations on abortion aka murder of the unborn 9 have gone on record to say that they are in favour of the destruction of life*.

Let’s call it what it is… murder. Whatever side of the debate you are on, for or against, don’t be so cowardly that you can say it.

It is killing of the unborn.

The Journal:

NINE MEMBERS OF the cross-party committee on the Eighth Amendment have said they want greater access to abortion, while just two have said they do not.

Eleven members have declined to give an opinion or did not respond to queries. asked the 22 committee members the following question:

Do you think Ireland should change its laws to allow abortion in more circumstances than is currently permitted? Yes or no?

Members were also given the opportunity to elaborate on their answer.

Of the 22 members, half did not reply or refused to answer the question but 11 made their views known and have put them on the record.

I don’t think it is necessary to enumerate all the views here so instead I will just present a few answers which touch on some of the main issues.


On the “no, there are to many liberals in Ireland who will to mess this up” side

Mattie McGrath – Independent TD 


Contributions from the repeal campaign have made one thing abundantly clear: It is not a matter of allowing abortion in “more” circumstances. The stated outcome that is being pursued is the introduction of abortion in “all” circumstances. The repeal campaign has made it clear that no regard to gestational age of the child, its viability, its health, lack of any mental or physical threat to the life of the mother must interfere with the right to access a termination. In light of that, the question of allowing abortion in ‘more circumstances’ is entirely misleading since this is not what is being sought.
Again, it is not a question of allowing abortion in ‘more’ circumstances. Removing the Eighth Amendment not only opens the way to unrestricted access to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, it makes it inevitable. The repeal campaign will not be satisfied with ‘more’.

This is the best point out of all of them.

Even if you could argue that in some medical cases abortion would be acceptable that is not what we will get.

The liberal Pantibar Varakar government WILL make it legal in ALL circumstances.

It won’t just be down syndrome kids being off’ed.

It will be perfectly healthy Irish children.

Fair enough Corky
On the “let’s have indiscriminate baby murder side”

Ruth Coppinger – Solidarity-People Before Profit TD

Yes, I think the Eighth Amendment should be fully repealed and abortion legalised at the request of the woman. It should be the right of the pregnant person themselves to make this decision and have autonomy over their own body. The Citizens’ Assembly recommended abortion for fatal foetal abnormality, for health, upon request up to 12 weeks; and for socioeconomic reasons up to 22 weeks. I fully support that and now the repeal/pro-choice movement should demand nothing less than what the Citizens’ Assembly recommended. This will require massive political pressure on the ultra-conservative Dáil and particularly for the next three months on the Committee.

Ruth Coppinger… of course.

Ruth talks about “reproductive rights” and women’s “autonomy over their own body”.

Ruth wasn’t very good in biology I think. Might have skipped a few classes.


At 22 weeks for socio-economic reasons!?

Well that bars pretty much everyone in this country from having children except for people 50 years+ who benefited from the wealth transfer effect in the property market.

Ruth you dumb tart NO ONE IN IRELAND HAS MONEY ANYMORE BECAUSE OF INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT AFTER INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT and now you are going to make unborn children pay for this?

This is what an unborn child at 22 weeks looks like.

Why not incentivise births and no not single Mother welfare births.

Why not incentivise married couples to have kids with serious tax breaks?

That would in turn lead to MORE TAX PAYERS.

No you don’t want to do that.

You would rather allow Irish children to be murdered because the central bank, government, private businesses in Ireland ripped them off.

You would rather that we are replaced.

The “new Irish”… because the “old Irish” are being genocided

Ruth Coppinger’s website at the time of writing…

Ruth Coppinger: The only thing this ugly hag has ever aborted is her fashion sense, ugh.

Here is her facebook


Special mention

Some more of the “let’s kill all dem foetuses” brigade from that Journal article linked above:

Lynn Ruane – Independent Senator

Ruane said that she is in favour of greater access to abortion and said that she supports the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly.

I will be advocating for our committee report to call for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment from the constitution and the introduction of abortion legislation in line with the assembly’s recommendations and that respects the reproductive rights and bodily autonomy of women in Ireland. We also need to recognise that the Eighth Amendment isn’t just about abortion. It affects the maternal healthcare of every woman in this country by removing a woman’s ability to make fully informed decisions about her own pregnancy and it does not belong in our constitution.

Ruane added that she felt it was important in considering the issue to think about marginalised and poorer women who may be unable to travel abroad to have an abortion.

“If these women need a termination outside of the grounds of rape, incest, risk to health or fatal foetal abnormality under such a regime, we force them into an impossible situation,” she said.

Clare Daly – Independents 4 Change TD

My views on abortion are well-known so, yes we should change our laws to provide access to safe legal abortion in Ireland as part of the health service in order to protect women’s health and be human rights-compliant.

Kate O’Connell – Fine Gael TD

O’Connell has been vocal in pushing for greater reproductive choices for Irish women.

She confirmed that she favours the greater availability of abortion in Ireland, stating:

I do believe that Ireland should allow abortion in more circumstances than are currently permitted. The law as it stands fails to provide women and girls with adequate care and support and as such it is not fit for purpose. I believe the Irish people have come a long way towards a liberalisation or change in our abortion laws and I hope that their elected representatives can come as far in the months ahead.

Louise O’Reilly – Sinn Féin TD

Elected for the first time last year, O’Reilly wears a Repeal the Eighth badge while in the Dáil so her views on the matter are well-known.

She said she favours a greater access to abortion and added:

The Eighth Amendment should be repealed and removed from the constitution and we intend on campaigning for its repeal.