Thousands take part in Death March in Dublin city centre

In Ireland we have to keep having referendums until whatever liberal reform under consideration is passed.

I mean just look at the Lisbon Treaty debacle.

You will have to keep voting in referendum after referendum on the same thing until whatever leftist insanity they want on that particular day is enacted.

Next up for the “progressive treatment”… life itself.

The Journal:

THOUSANDS OF DEMONSTRATORS have turned out for today’s annual March For Choice by the Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC).

30/9/2017 Pro Abortion Campaigns
All I see are douche bags taking selfies, bearded NEETS and Land Whales with lipstick

This is the sixth such march ran by the group but is seen as very significant following the announcement that there will be a referendum on the Eighth amendment in June or July of next year.

The crowd congregated at the Garden of Remembrance at 1.30pm and marched through Dublin city centre calling for the Eighth amendment to be scrapped.

Their choice of words is amazing.

They are talking about the protection of the life of the unborn and they are using words like “scrapped” to describe its removal.

We are truly living in a degenerate society.

As an indication of the size of the march, demonstrators at the front of the protest were gathered on Talbot Memorial Bridge, while the tail-end of the crowd stretched back along O’Connell Street.

Young women and men, families with children, and pensioners took part in the march, with a few people dressed up as characters or in costumes.

Repeal the eighth
These people belong in an asylum

For me the comments were most instructive with respect to the mindset of these clowns.

The usual muh body, muh choice rubbish.

What part of this do you not understand?

You see this is what happened when we “liberated” women.

They started to believe that they could actually make reasonable decisions.

Well sadly it would seem that this is not the case.

They seem hell bent on grabbing bottles of pink and blue hair dye, murdering their offspring and holding up refugee welcome signs.

Women have no mechanism for guilt so they can actually kill their own babies and not feel a thing.

They do have a mechanism for responding to social shame.

This is where pressure should be applied.