Jewish George Soros contributed to effort to legalise the murder of Irish children

George Soros is a Jew.

George Soros hates European Gentiles (i.e. you and me)

This is in keeping with his Jewishness.

Whenever you see some foundation or society trying to destabilise Europe through feminism, open borders, gay identity politics, abortion or undermining the traditional normal family you WILL see this little rat’s money behind it.


The Independent

Organisations on both sides of the abortion referendum have registered with the ethics watchdog ahead of the forthcoming referendum on abortion since 2015….

However, one of the larger organisations, Abortion Rights Campaign, which was behind yesterday’s rally in Dublin, has told Sipo it does not have to register.

It emerged in April that Abortion Rights Campaign returned a grant of US$25,000 it received from an organisation funded by the American billionaire George Soros.

It returned the money after the Standards in Public Offices Commission warned that the

donation would breach ethics guidelines and would be reported to gardai if it wasn’t returned.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation has also provided funding to the Irish Family Planning Clinic and Amnesty International, according to leaked documents that have been widely reported.

The Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment incorporates dozens of organisations and charities under its umbrella. The group is encouraging online donations of amounts from €8 to €128.

Sipo rules prohibit political donations from organisations based overseas.

In a report earlier this year, the ethics watchdog called for legislation to ensure more transparency around funding of referendum campaigns. While they must register, third party organisations do not have to disclose details of actual donations received.