43 Anti-White Commercials


If you are like me and are a late stage Gen X’er then you will have seen an acceleration of Anti-White hatred sometime around the mid to late noughties.

It was of course there long before that. One need only look at the Simpsons in order to see the template which is…

Stupid slob White Father

Long suffering White Wife who longs for more

Smart “intelligent” daughter

Equally stupid White son

Constant mockery of White values especially Christianity (Ned Flanders), etc

Well now things have gone into overdrive and well a certain group of people just can’t help themselves and are pumping this hateful garbage out now 24/7.

I’m sure they would just excuse it by saying we live in a (((multicultural))) society and we need fair representation or some such nonsense but does having minorities living among you mean that you have to be denigrated for their satisfaction and the satisfaction of the merchant tribe that pushes this (Jews, I mean the Jews).

In short do you feel good about being represented like this?