Ibrahim Halawa presented his sisters with a special award in Dublin

This is Ibrahim. Ibrahim is Irish which is interesting considering that you can never be Egyptian.

International terrorist Ibrahim Halawa is back in Ireland and he is stepping out in style in Dublin because it has always been a part of Irish culture to have Muslims conducting insurgencies from inside our borders and then awarding them for it.

As such the Irish Tatler has decided to celebrate Ibrahim and his invasive and parasitic family by giving an award to his scumbag sisters.

(Yes the Irish Tatler is a vile rag that needs to be boycotted or used to line bird cages at the very least.)


The Journal:

IBRAHIM HALAWA’S FIVE sisters were honoured with a special recognition award at last night’s Irish Tatler Women of the Year Awards.

His sisters were at the forefront of the campaign to have the 21-year-old released from prison in Egypt.

A month after being acquitted in a Cairo court, the 21-year-old Dubliner returned home on Tuesday to a throng of media attention and his cheering supporters.

As well as Ibrahim, Omaima, Fatima and Soumaya were also arrested at an August 2013 protest against a military coup.

In the days before the protest, at least 817 people were massacred by the Egyptian military.

Before last month’s acquittal, Ibrahim Halawa was held in prison for four years and his sisters campaigned tirelessly for the Irish government to put pressure on their Egyptian counterparts.


These people are nothing but trouble.

One family.

One family of medieval paedophile prophet worshippers caused this much grief and expense. Imagine the problems all of their brethren from Shitistan will cause when our retarded government imports them all.

Next year’s Rose of Tralee line up


“Freedom still takes a lot of adaption to get used to after four years, especially going in as a kid. It affects you mentally but I’m not here to talk about myself,” Halawa said.

I’m here to talk about what a wonderful job they have done, amazing and hardworking. They’ve postponed their lives, they postponed everything, they postponed college, they didn’t have a proper wedding, they weren’t happy with their first-born child or kids that they had because I, their little brother, was still in prison.


Yeah these people are not the same as us. That one sentence above in bold should clue you in to that.


Since his release, family members have said that Ibrahim Halawa is considering returning to his studies with Sinn Féin’s Lynn Boylan suggesting she doesn’t imagine he’ll “go away quietly”.


LOL haw haw, the little scallywag. Tearing up his passport and putting massive expense on the Irish government. What a little scamp, right Lynn 😀


“When the judging panel choose these three women for a significant achievement award little did we know how momentous the week would be with Ibrahim’s release.”

Focus Ireland founder Sister Stanislaus Kennedy was honoured with the overall Woman of the Year Award for 2017.


“Sister Stan” is also the founder of the Immigrant Council of Ireland

These people desperately want you dead and want to appear holier than thou while lining up the kill shot.