Mudshark Update: The Emma Chronicles

Ah yes the Emma Murphy mudshark drama continues and why shouldn’t it, whores need airtime too. It’s how they do.


Francis Usanga was found guilty of assault causing harm to his ex-girlfriend, model Emma Murphy
I’ll bet Emma’s Dad is reeeeaaall proud

A CELEBRITY fitness expert has been found guilty of assaulting the mother of his children by punching her in the face when she accused him of cheating on her.

TV fitness coach Francis Usanga (31) punched his then-partner, model Emma Murphy in the eye in an attack outside his north Dublin gym while their babies waited in her car.

A court heard a Facebook video Ms Murphy shared after the assault went viral and Usanga claimed this was done in an attempt to “destroy” him.

Ms Murphy insisted by posting the video and giving media interviews, she had been speaking out about violence against women and “sharing her story with other women.”

Usanga claimed he only pushed her and did this in self defence, saying she threw a mobile phone at his head and he felt his “life was in danger.”

LOOOOOL. His life was in danger from a blonde waif. I am just surprised that he didn’t use the racism card.


However, Judge Bryan Smyth found him guilty and adjourned sentencing to give Ms Murphy time to prepare a victim impact statement.

Usanga, of Lanesboro, Finglas pleaded not guilty to assault causing harm to Ms Murphy outside his gym, FX Fitness in Santry on July 3, 2015.

Ms Murphy hugged her father when the judge made his decision following a trial at Dublin District Court.

If he had done his job properly then she would not be getting beaten up in the first place. Oh and her kids wouldn’t be black either.

In evidence, Ms Murphy said she had been in a relationship with Usanga for three and a half years and it had been “bad, really bad, toxic.”

We here at Beyond the Pale were very surprised to hear this. By all accounts Francis was a gud boy and dindu nuffins wrong.

At 4.30pm, she went to his gym with her two children aged six months and 18 months in the car, to talk to him about events in the relationship and about him “cheating on me again.”

He was walking out as she pulled up and she asked him was there a girl in the gym.

“He said ‘yeah, do you want to meet her?’” she told the court.

  Emma Murphy leaves the Dublin Distric Court today after her ex-boyfriend Francis Usanga was found guilty of assaulting her Ms Murphy asked Usanga if she could use his phone as she had none, and he said no and “there was loads of verbal abuse.”

He told her to “f*** off” and that she was not going to use his phone.

“I wanted to ring his friend Michael because there had been a crazy amount of cheating in the relationship and I wanted to ask Michael had he been with him on the Father’s weekend,” she said. “I needed to get to the bottom of it because it wasn’t fair on me and it wasn’t fair on my children.”

He eventually gave her his phone and she had a conversation and “discovered again there was more cheating.”

Wow oh shit, black man cheats on his baby Momma.

Who could have predicted it? Not R.T.E. that’s for sure…

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She told him “you cheated on me again” and threw the phone in his direction, she said.

“He punched me in the face,” she told the court. “He straight up punched me.”

She said it was with his fist and it hit her left eye.


“I was completely and utterly distraught,” she said. “It was bad enough that he was cheating and then it came to another black eye. He said ‘you broke my f****** phone’ and went to pick it up and I got back into my car and drove to my sister’s.”

Ms Murphy said her eye was swollen and very red.

She went to a doctor and put ice, water and aloe vera on it.

“Put ice, water and aloe vera on it. That will be €60 please.”


I’ll spare you the rest of this article as it is the usual she said, nig said nonsense.

The main take away from the rest of the article is that she used social media to shame and punish him and that barrister’s legal arguments all seem to amount to nothing more than “but you did something bad too”.

Public shaming the “ex” is standard operating procedure for whores when they decide that their sperm donor resource is no longer of value.

Social shame is something that they understand and fear.

As such it is exactly the technique that we should use against them.

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