Truck of Peace: American Sidewalk Edition

Muhammad’s religion of peace keeps on trucking with a new and exciting adventure. This time it wasn’t in Europe!

After experiencing the roller coaster ride of a truck barrelling down the pavement at us on multiple occasions it was high time that our American cousins were allowed to get in on some of the fun.

Sayfullo Saipov MUGSHOT
Why are these people allowed into our countries?


Fox News:

At least eight people are dead after a driver barreled into a bike path and crashed a rental pickup truck into a crowd in Lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” law enforcement sources tell Fox News and The Associated Press.

Another 11 people were injured, officials said. The 29-year-old driver, possibly a Middle Eastern man with a beard, was shot by police and taken into custody, law enforcement sources told Fox News. The suspect remains hospitalized.



It might be sentimental of me but when I saw that “rent me starting at $19” advertisement on the side of the truck I was sickened.

Fuck these fucking Muslims.

And while we are on that subject.

An “Allahu Akbar” shouting Middle Eastern man with a beard did this.

So I’m sure that the (((media))) will tell us that this is a clear case of Neo-Nazi White supremacy if ever there was one.