‘Diversity equals innovation’ according to Enterprise Rent a Car

Enterprise Rent a Car seem less interested in renting you cars and more interested in telling you that you are a bad person for not believing in Marxism which is rich coming from a corporation…


The Journal: 

‘Diversity equals innovation’: Why these Irish workplaces are blazing a trail for inclusiveness


“YOU CAN’T DISPUTE that diversity equals innovation.”

I can and I do…

Dozens of companies across Ireland are beginning to launch diversity networks and campaigns for their employees, but it’s not just to tackle the growing demand for inclusion – these companies have realised that diversity and inclusiveness are vital in the hunt for talent.

TheJournal.ie spoke to industry professionals to find out why diversity programmes and policies have become such an intrinsic part of some recruitment drives.

Group HR manager of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ireland, Leslee O’Loughlin, told TheJournal.ie how being a workplace with active diversity networks and policies is vital for attracting the best talent in the market.

Having these programmes in place widens the scope of available high-skilled workers because many job seekers from minority groups are eager for a sense of inclusiveness in their workplace.

I am sure they are. They are eager for us to convert to Islam and eat halal food, should we oblige them on that front too?

“Why would you not include people from a different demographic, whether that be LGBT, disability, whatever? That is so important in terms of bringing in talent,” O’Loughlin said.

I don’t know Leslee. You seem to be the one making a big deal about it.

I would only not employ a disabled person if that disability meant that they couldn’t do their job.

I would however never employ a quare because they are generally extremely untrustworthy and have selfish outlooks.

Leslee O’ Loughlin (centre): Not wearing a burka I might add… so intolerant of Islam

My question is why are you not wearing a burka in solidarity with Muslim women.

It is a bit bigoted of you, is it not?


Innovative diversity programmes

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ireland integrates diversity and inclusion in an unconventional but effective way – by putting all new employees through a diversity training programme upon recruitment.

A junior trainee manager in Enterprise Rent a Car at the last “diversity” training programme.


“All new joiners go through anti-harassment and discrimination training. They will understand that we have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination,” group HR manager of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ireland, Leslee O’Loughlin, told TheJournal.ie. 

“In the training, we communicate that it is a safe space. We want you to be honest with your ideas and your thoughts because if you don’t tease out your unconscious biases in those forms you don’t really have the opportunity to create change agents.”


That is some seriously Orwellian stuff right there.

I read 1984 years ago and I thought Orwell was a kook.

I am sorry George. I should have listened.


By having this intensive diversity training at the beginning of a staff member’s career in the company, it filters out those who may not wish to be part of an inclusive workforce.

What Enterprise is therefore left with is nothing but staff who are welcoming of all their co-workers, regardless of their background.


What Enterprise is therefore left with is nothing but good little corporate drones who will sell out their cultures, families and history for the company’s bottom line.


Like most other major multi-national organisations that are leading the way with inclusion, Enterprise works with NGOs to ensure best practice.

For example, the company collaborates with the Association for Higher Education Access and Disability (Ahead) to give opportunities to people with disabilities.


Ok this is where the Soros money and useful idiots come in.

All of those leftist parasites that are involved in “gender studies” course and the like find gainful employment in these make work positions.

You however as a customer pay for it in the end though.

Think of it as a Marxist tax that the liberal social regime charges you.

The party apparatchiks must get paid after all.



Echoing the words of O’Loughlin in relation to the importance of partnering with NGOs to ensure diversity policies are effective and ethical as possible, Margot Slattery of Sodexo Ireland said that the company teamed up with Stonewall to “make sure the company is adhering to best practice”.

Best practice – LGBT style!


Slattery sits on Sodexo’s global LGBTQ leadership team and has featured on the Financial Times list of OUTstanding LGBTQ Top 100 business leaders from 2014 to date. Sodexo Ireland is part of the French-owned Sodexo Group, the world’s largest multi-services group.

With offices in Belfast, Dublin and Cork, Slattery said that the company’s 2,300 employees work remotely across all 32 counties in Ireland. LGBTQ people scattered across rural Ireland have a significantly smaller pool of support resources available than those in cities.


The world’s smallest violin weeps for them.

Queers are a tiny, tiny percentage of the population and yet they are endlessly catered to purely so that companies can virtue sign about how “inclusive” and “tolerant” they are.

Again YOU as the final customer pay for this. They don’t.


But by teaming up with Stonewall, Sodexo Ireland launched its own internal LGBTQ network – Pride – for its staff members. Having a network available to not just LGBTQ staff, but allies alike has become a “key way to engage staff when they’re off-site”.

I’ll leave you with a video that they included at the end of the article.

It is full of actors holding up pre-scripted Marxist talking points.

It is a veritable cornucopia of snowflake complaints but my favourite has to be “for every $100 a woman makes a man makes $258”

That’s because they don’t work the same jobs.

If women worked the jobs that men have to work then they would be paid that extra “$158” too.

You can’t expect an oil industry chemical engineer and a beautician to be paid the same wage.

Well if you are a social justice marxist I guess you can.



Bottom line… this is all about money.

You have it, they want it and there is a long line of people waiting to cash in on facilitating this transfer.