Sexy Multicultural Beatings in Tyrrelstown

Tyrrelstown is turning into a crime-ridden African shanty town and the Irish government is not just allowing it but encouraging and facilitating it.

So when you absolutely, positively have to get the crap kicked out of you then you can do no better than retaining the services of a gang of  “new Irish teens” to do so.

These teens fresh from the African heart of darkness are always happy to oblige and offer you an enriching cultural experience that you will never forget.

I feel so… so … enriched!


Jokes aside. We have already seen this race to the bottom, this debasement of culture,  happen in Sweden.

We have seen how the “diversity” experiment turns out.

Sweden: The Rape Capital of the West


We have also seen how that same diversity and multiracialism experiment has turned out in the U.K.

Rotherham Muslims Gang Raped Little Girls

Clockwise from top left: Umar Razaq, Razwan Razaq, Mohsin Khan, Zafran Ramzan and Adil Hussain


So why are we doing the exact same thing here?

It is the equivalent of seeing someone sticking their hand in a fire, getting badly burned and then trying it yourself because maybe they didn’t do it right.

The people doing this in Ireland can see the effect that it has had on other countries that have had a head start on us AND THEY INSIST ON DOING IT ANYWAY!

Politicians and bureaucrats like Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, Jewish ex-Minister Alan Shatter, Ruth Coppinger (crypto?), Peter Sutherland, Fiona O’ Loughlin and Gerry Adams.

Our government is giving citizenship en-mass to every dreg from every third world shithole out there and the results are predictable.

Citizenship Ceremonies

Citizenship updates & announcements

Postposed Citizenship Ceremony rescheduled for Monday 27 November 2017

19 October 2017

The citizenship ceremony scheduled for Monday 16 October 2017 in the Convention Centre Dublin was postponed in the interests of public safety as part of the national response to the serious warnings over Storm Ophelia.

Rescheduled date Monday 27 November

This ceremony has now been rescheduled for Monday 27 November at the same venue.

Invitation letters are currently being prepared and are issuing to those who were invited to the postponed ceremonies on the 16 October.

The same arrangements for attendance will apply to you on 27 November as applied on the 16 October.

Read more about the citizenship ceremonies and download the attendee lists.

If you are unable to attend on your rescheduled date please contact the Citizenship help-desk on [email protected].


We need to start asking what these so called elected officials are doing?


Solidarity with Blacks: Ruth Coppinger sells out for a cent. She’s the cheapest politician around.


Blacks made a shit of their own countries and now we can pick up the tab and bail them out, GREAT!


Just remember when you see your country falling apart around you that “DIVERSITY IS OUR GREATEST STRENGTH”