Blackbriggan needs Right Wing Death Squads

So Balbriggan is in the headlines again.

I really don’t know what to say. Diversity is a failed and genocidal experiment. It failed in Sweden, it failed in France, it failed in the U.K., it failed in America, it has failed everywhere.

And yet our gated community politicians insist on recreating the squalid conditions in our country that it has wrought everywhere else.

Do we want Sweden’s rape rate?

Do we want our girls to end up being put through some Turk’s meat grinder just like in the U.K.?

Let that sink in, “diversity” ran a girl through a meat grinder in the U.K.

The U.K. is basically on big open air Muslim rape camp and if you say anything against it you will be arrested.

This is the level of diversity that the Irish government are trying to accomplish here it would seem…


Dublin Gazette:

RESIDENTS living in fear of “out of control” gangs in Balbriggan staged a protest at the town’s garda station last night (Wednesday).

The community is calling for a tougher approach when it comes to policing youths who are holding citizens to ransom and terrorising neighbourhoods.

Organiser Shane Byrne told the Dublin Gazette: “The town is going down the drain and the gardai are doing nothing.

“We have huge gangs of kids running wild and it’s getting worse and worse.


When they say “kids” they means niggers. When they say “teens” they mean niggers.

“They have no fear. It started with kicking doors, then burning wheelie bins, then kicking down the doors and attacking people.”

Shane said “marauding” mobs of volatile teens are to blame for an increase in violent incidents in the seaside town and gardai – who now face an overtime ban – are not equipped to deal with it.


The sad thing is that Shane, if he becomes too outspoken, would be quickly dealt with not by the cowardly pack attack blacks but BY HIS OWN PEOPLE.

The nigs can only get away with this because they are allowed and it is useful idiots like Ronan Kelly (see image below) who don’t have to live next door to it that would try to shut people like Shane up.

Hey Ronan honest question would you be comfortable taking that girl on your profile pic for an evening walk in Balbriggan now?


He added: “I have a barber’s shop in the town centre and there’s young lads who are afraid to walk from here to their parents’ car in case they are attacked.

“Women who live alone are afraid to leave their homes. They are petrified. If something is not done to tackle it now the town is doomed.

“People have had enough. This is just the first in a series of protests and we won’t stop until something is done about it.”

Yesterday, Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) warned that the garda overtime ban was “shocking and potentially disastrous news for north Dublin”.

A Fingal Joint Policing Committee meeting earlier this year heard that concerns over lawlessness in Balbriggan, which has the largest youth population in the country, were on the rise.

Gardai conceded that because the age profile of the town is “quite young” it brings with it certain challenges.

It also emerged that gardai are allocated “where most needed” and the priority is to maintain “baseline policing”.

It was also acknowledged that issues around Balbriggan’s “ethnic diversity” and the integration of its migrant community were factors.

Shane said: “We are the forgotten town here. It’s a great place, but there’s just a serious amount of youths walking the streets looking for trouble and it’s out of control.”


There is going to be fighting on the streets, everyone is seeing it…

And I wonder where all these “youths” came from in the first, oh yeah bitches like Katherine Zappone and Jews like Alan Shatter invited them in…

Yeah this looks cute (shame about the White replacement though)


Not so fucking cute now are they!


Only one solution here to be honest fam.

After all this anger we should go out on a soft note, remember that Burt Bacharach song, no me neither so here it is…

It is a fitting theme song for the negrofication of Europe.

What do you get when you invite in diversity?

A negro with a baseball bat to smash your face in,

That’s what you get for all your trouble.

I’ll never fall in love again, I’ll never fall in love again!