Olivia Mitchell’s Racism

As I have always maintained Anti-Irish racism is rife in our elected officials. Whether it is pandering to the demands of the E.U. in importing and housing “refugees” above our own homeless, abiding by the various destructive E.U. quotas and laws regarding free travel or just more homegrown trite self hatred our kakistocracy never ceases in putting the welfare and …

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Phil Hogan is a Scumbag

The Journal: “FORMER MINISTER OF the Environment Phil Hogan has said that Irish Water “has seen the test of time” and refused to say whether he had any regrets on the setting up of the semi-state entity. Irish Water was formally registered as a company in 2013, but the issue of water charges has plagued successive governments since. After years …

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Know Your Enemy

War can be confusing. If the events of the previous three weeks have proven anything it is that decoding 4(000)D chess, more often than not, leads down a rabbit hole of empathy, projection and geo-political strategy, none of which this goy can attest to understand in any coherent fashion. Instead, this lowly pawn will focus on a few of the …

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