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Rise of the brown one continues

The brown one has yet again been getting the luvvy treatment from foreign media This time the cock gobbling curry nigger was plastered all over the cover of Time magazine, accompanied by the caption “’An island at the centre of the world”. The only good thing about this is how the left in Ireland are cringy and confused about the …

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Leo takes the hotseat

In a shock outcome, vacuous brown gaylord takes Fine Gael leadership to make the supposed Blueshirts the fascist party of bum touching and ethnic out-breeding. As of now Leo Varadkar is yet to be installed as Taoiseach But the world is already in a tizzy with the fact we will have our first genetically rootless, cock enthusiast in charge (Mickey …

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Sassy fag the REAL loss from Manchester

Since the Manchester bombing and as the victims identities were released, another symptom of the mass mental illness that is modernity made itself apparent An article in www.breakingnews.ie today, relates how a Dublin ‘artist’ has created a nice little capitalist venture out of the death of what has become the face of the victims of Islamic butchery in Manchester, Martyn …

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