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Young wog gets off with a fine

A young Negro has evaded punishment for abusing Gardai this week, being let off with a small fine. Sieusiso Sijaji , a South African invader living in Donabate had been verbally abusive and threatening toward Gardai in an incident last April. The ‘business and tourism’ student found himself attacking Gardai in Swords just after 9am on April 6th, in an …

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Invader calls for Irish education system to forget it’s Irish

An article in the Independent today made a call to modify our national education curriculum as it is apparently too focused upon ‘White Irish’. In what has become a familiar diatribe in other white nations-and especially Anglospheric ones, an invader by the name of Victoria Showunmi (A doctor supposedly) makes a series of points about why we should modify what …

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Salome Mbugua says Ireland belongs to Africans

Here we see an interview with some dumb black slut called Salome Mbugua. The extremely well nourished Salome obviously doesn’t come from any famine stricken parts of Africa that’s for sure and seems to be here for the sole purpose of robbing us and then telling us that were evil for not allowing it to happen. She knows what she …

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