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More Islamic Planters picked up by Gardaí

A couple of arrests have taken place over the week in relation to Islamic terrorist activities. Limerick and Wexford both saw men of Moroccan origin arrested due to their connection to Rachid Redouane, a Moroccan Islamist scumshit involved in the London Bridge attack that claimed 7 lives and injured a couple of dozen more. The Wexford arrest is said to …

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Machete wielding migrant nest in Dublin

Annesley Bridge Road is in the news today, as a residence that had housed THIRTEEN families was part of a fraud investigation. It seems these families were each paying €200 a week to a man known only as ‘Brian’. The owner of the property, John Farrelly, claims no knowledge of this Brian individual and thought the tenants were squatters whom …

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Islamic groups in Ireland

Following on from my article last week about The Muslim Brotherhood, I have sought to deduce further the presence of different groups and mechanisms here in Ireland that promote Islamic interests. This has thrown up several interesting and discomfiting results. While I don’t intend to write a thesis about it I will try to flesh things out enough that you …

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