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British elections bringing big changes

Some interesting results have come from this latest British election As the Conservatives under May make their move for a minority government supported by our old chums the DUP, a few points come to mind. Firstly the entire attitude of British negotiation over Brexit and how it will approach the partition border here will have done an about face. Rather …

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Two arrested in Waterford terror sting

There has been an arrest of two people aged in their twenties today in Waterford. Information at this point is thin on the ground but this is part of an international operation involving several authorities. An Islamic element has been confirmed by Gardai although little else is forthcoming. The subversives have been detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice …

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Reflections on Berkeley

So by now many of you have seen the footage from the ‘Fourth Battle of Berkeley’. It has provided us no end of pleasure seeing the crusty left get their arses handed back to them-most notably by Nathan Damigo and his Identity Europa unit, who seemed to be at the epicenter of the fight throughout the day. Breaking Antifa’s line …

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