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Myers gets shut down

There has been much delicious kvetching over the past day or so in the wake of another deliberately controversial Kevin Myers article. The man who eight years ago denied the holocaust (an Irish Independent article only taken down yesterday) found that his luck couldn’t hold out in today’s modern, uber sensitive landscape. Myers is a prolific asshat, a prize prick …

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Graffiti for the Goyim

I’m sure by now many of you have noted the new mural that has been unveiled under the Eiffel tower. It is the first mural ever to be placed there and certainly stands out, though perhaps for different reasons to you and me than the average viewer. Kevin MacDonald over at The Occidental Observer has written an excellent piece on …

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Treblinka Archaeology

Introduction During World War Two, National Socialist Germany operated two installations near the village of Treblinka in Poland, designated Treblinka I and Treblinka II respectively. Treblinka I is generally acknowledged as having been a forced labour camp. Treblinka II is the subject of two competing accounts: the orthodox, “exterminationist” view is that it was an extermination camp, to which Jews …

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